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Woven Clothing Label Manufacturers in India

largest manufacturers and suppliers of clothing labels

We present our collection of premium quality labels and tags like woven labels, brand labels, main labels, wash care labels, computerized woven labels, printed labels, taffeta printed labels, satin printed labels, taffeta labels, plain taffeta labels, taffeta overlap labels, taffeta wash care labels, brand labels, cloth labels, jacquard woven labels, custom cloth labels and damask labels. Our product labels reflect a unique blend of style and durability and give our clients a unique identity in the market.

At Golden Fabtex,

you will find various colors and fonts to meet your design needs.

The labels and tags give our clients a perfect way to differentiate their products from their competitors. We use quality materials such as polyester yarn, satin tapes, taffeta tapes, dubion yarn to design our labels. For tags, we use superior quality paper board.

Woven Labels Manufacturers

Golden Fabtex is one of the best and profound manufacturers of woven labels of international standards. We have a collection of high-quality tags and labels. The range of products is versatile and long- brand labels, main labels, woven labels, printed labels, computerized printed labels, satin, printed labels, and soon. We believe in total customer satisfaction. Therefore, the labels are conceptualized and designed after considering the needs and requirements of the client. Whether we make taffeta labels, custom cloth labels, or anything else, we ensure that the product reflects a unique blend of durability and style. We want that our client establishes a unique identity by positioning the product with great labels.

Your label differentiates your product from the competitor’s products. To make superior labels, it is essential to use high-quality raw materials. Therefore, we spend a lot of energy in selecting good-quality polyester yarn, satin, and taffeta tapes, dupion yarn, paper board, etc. Thus, each label that we design outshines perfection. It helps our clients to emphasize their brand identification and strengthen their image. The complete process, from conceptualization to delivery is carried out with ultimate precision. Integrated logistic solutions and reliable quality make our woven labels better than the rest.

Significance of Woven Labels in Fashion Industry

Young designers may be so absorbed with the shape, color, and cut of their outfits that they fail to notice clothing labels attached after manufacturing. Consumers are similar in that they are more concerned with how an item appears and how much it costs, but clothing labels should not be disregarded. Clothing labels give critical product information, which might be the difference between a buy and a return to the rack.

Clothing labels convey material information

One of the most significant components of garment labels is the explanation of the materials used to create the item. With so many plastic-based fabrics – such as lycra, nylon, and polyester, consumers can make an ethical judgment about which garments they buy.

Labels for Care and Content

Clothing maintenance is essential. Some garments may rip or shrink if the label warning is not followed, or the colors may run. Some materials should not be washed at all and instead require specialized care, such as dry cleaning.

Branded Clothing Tags

Labels are essential for information but at the same time, woven labels enable designers to market their brand. The clothing label is a platform for brand identification as well as a source of scientific information regarding fabrics and temperatures. We are one of the prominent woven label suppliers offering choices that meet your needs.

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